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Internet Chameleon 5.0 for Windows 95 
by Jeff Zubricky

The Internet has allowed radical changes in our world; it has connected people from every continent all around the globe. The Internet is complex at times requiring users to master dozens of applications to get connected and navigate. NetManage has assembled a suite of applications into Internet Chameleon 5.0, about 25 applications in all. The beauty of a suite is that all the applications are integrated so they can pass information back and forth. Internet Chameleon 5.0 has applications for the Internet user, and WebMasters. Server applications include a Web Server and FTP Server, all the applications in the suite are 32-bit.

 Setup requires some general information from you to complete; I suggest that you read chapter 2 in order to prepare for this process. You may need to contact your Internet Provider for some of the required information if you do not have it available at the time setup is running. I found the installation to run very smoothly, I selected not to use the NetManage TCP/IP network stack, or the Dialer. I continued to used the Win95 TCP/IP stack and the Dialer with no adverse affects. If you do not have an Internet account, you can use the Automatic Internet function to get yourself up on the Net in a matter of minutes (you will need a Credit Card). Chapter 3 explains the process of using Automatic Internet in complete detail. I felt the printed manual, along with the "help" screens provided the information I needed to get me back on the correct path.

 A sample of the included applications are Automatic Internet, NEWTToolbar, Archie, Telenet, ASCII Terminal Emulator, FTP, Mail and Mail Administration, WebSurfer, Personal Web Server, WebSpider, NEWTNews, Talk, NEWTView, Gopher, NEWTSound, Internet Relay Chat, PING - Network Testing, Finger, WhoIs, Name Resolver , and ECCO Internet Address Book.

 I tested each application and found the some applications more useful than others. I prefer Netscape Navigator over WebSurfer. WebSurfer needs some improvements to get it up to the Netscape standard. The News application, NEWTNews, works as well as Free Agent. I tried the Mail application, and it worked much like Eudora Lite. The benefit of a suite like Internet Chameleon is that you do not have to go searching the Net for all the applications you need.

 Recommendation: If you want a package that self contained, and comes with just about any application you may need, then Internet Chameleon 5.0 is for you. For the price you will not find such a complete package of applications for the Internet.

 Problems I found that need to addressed by NetManage: