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Through The Eyes Of The MONSTER tm 
by Jeff and Bethany Zubricky, Alamo PC

I do not spend much of my time on the computer playing games, but I thought reviewing a game might be fun and would also get my daughter involved in the software review process. I selected Frankenstein because it was an interactive CD-ROM game featuring 3D environments, live actors, digitized speech, QuickTime Movies and it looked very interesting. Installation went quickly with Win95, the autoplay feature kicked right in and did all the work. I would have liked an uninstall feature, in a perfect world every piece of software you install would have an uninstall. I began looking the game over and at first Bethany was not at all interested in the game, but as I worked through the plot, she thought it would be fun to be involved. Bethany pulled up a chair and became very involved in the review. We tested the game and explored together, finding hidden rooms, laboratories, and finding out what the whole game was about.

Frankenstein is played in the fist person, you are the monster and this was a great deal of fun. Tim Curry is the diabolical Dr. Frankenstein who uses his laboratory to bring the dead back to life to live out a macabre existence for his malevolent pleasure. This is an adventure game rated for teenagers and I would suggest discretion to those who have younger kids at home, there are some parts of the game that may be inappropriate for younger children.

I suggest you take a moment to read the Game-Play Example on page 11 of the printed manual that is included with the game. It will give you some needed hints for getting the game started. You will begin the game without any idea of what to do except to explore your surroundings, the hints provide some needed information. Interplay has a Hintline for those who really want help, it is a 1-900 number with a per minute charge.

 I found one thing about the game that was a bit frustrating, the game for the most part takes place in Dr. Frankenstein's castle, and it was too dark in some places. I had to play some portions of the game in a dark room at night to catch the little details I was supposed to find. Our suggestion is to run the pointer (it is in the shape of a hand) over the whole area until you find what you are looking for, the hand starts to grasp when you are on a hot spot.

 There is a Menu Bar but it is not visible during the game, you can call it up by pressing the space bar. You do not have a whole lot of options from the "Menu," but you can select some options that change the function of the game.

 Bethany has input about Frankenstein: "The game was exciting, but it was also scary because you do not know what is around the next corner. The game takes a long time and you have to concentrate, do not expect to finish Frankenstein in an hour." Bethany recommends this game, it's cool!

System Requirements:
PC with 486DX/33
8 MB of RAM (560 KB free base memory)
SVGA display
double speed CD-ROM
MPC2 compliant sound card
Microsoft Mouse or compatible
DOS 5.0 or newer
Windows 3.1 or newer
8 MB free hard drive space (Win95 users will need at least 8 MB of memory)

 Interplay, 17922 Fitch Avenue, Irvine, CA 92714
Phone: (714) 553-6678
Hintline: 1-900-370-PLAY $1.25 for the first minute, $.75 for each additional minute
The Interplay BBS (714) 252-2822
Online Services: AOL, CompuServe, Genie, PRODIGY
Local retail price at Egg Head is $28.49