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ACCENT DUO With Translation
[English-Spanish Español-Inglés] 
a review by Robert M. Benavides, Alamo PC

[Duo Box] AccentDuo™ With Translation, Version 2.0, for English and Spanish is a bilingual word processor (Accent Language Ware) with translation assistance (Globalink Spanish Assistant™). This software package allows almost automatic translation from one language to the other as a text is written or imported from books, technical papers, magazine articles or even from files downloaded from the Internet.

 Accent Software International translation products function on four levels:

  1. Each bilingual user interface is configured in the two languages, including menus, dialog boxes, message boxes, and online help.



  3. With Accent software compatability, text in multiple languages is possible, using not only the two languages in this package, but excerpts from all the other languages of Western Europe may be combined in one document.



  5. Accent’s bilingual translation utilites include bilingual spell checkers, thesauruses and hyphenation that is sensitive to the ambiguities of each language when translations are made in either direction.



  7. The Globalink Spanish Assistant™ is the specific tool designed to assist in translating individual words, sentences, sections or entire documents.



The Globalink Spanish Assistant™ within the AccentDuo With Translation package features: Globalink’s Spanish Assistant™ Bilingual Dictionaries recognize over 100,000 idiomatic terms and contain complete conjugations for over 3,000 Spanish verbs. In addition, the dictionaries provide extensive information on parts of speech, attributes, and inflections for each entry.

 AccentDuo With Translation allows you to import and export files from and to major applications, such as Word for Windows, AmiPro, WordPerfect, Excel and Lotus123. Other standard formats supported by many programs, such as Rich Text Format (RTF) and ASCII, can also be imported, updated in Accent, then saved as a different document, and later exported as something else!

 Once you create or import a new file to be translated, the selected text can be translated automatically or interactively by using one of the three commands -- Document, Sentence, or Interactive. While the automatic translation mode is faster than the interactive, it is generally less accurate. Therefore, a user who is at least partially fluent in Spanish (or English) is strongly recommended. Users desiring the best results should almost always select the interactive translation mode since many words in English or Spanish have multiple meanings and the automatic translation mode may not (probably won’t) pick the best meaning for each sentence in the document. Nevertheless, in this era of NAFTA, international studies, and the World Wide Web, this type of software promises to be a great tool to help improve written communications between Spanish and English speakers throughout the Americas and in Europe.

 The minimum computer system requirements for AccentDuo With Translation, Version 2.0, are a 386SX or higher PC with at least 16 MB of free hard disk space, and 4 MB RAM. Any language version of Windows 3.1 or Windows95 can be used. Installation of the seven 3.5 floppy disks was easy and straightforward. In fact, the first dialog box that appeared during installation even allowed you to select the language in which you wanted to read the installation instructions.

 Online help is provided for both Accent™ and Globalink Assistant™. Access to online help is available from any of the dialog boxes. Technical support for Accent™ provides comprehensive information for the bilingual word processor, while Globalink™ provides technical support for all issues related to translation.

AccentDuo With Translation has a list price of $199.00 and it can be ordered directly from Accent Software International (See below). Alamo PC members ordering direct will be given a discount price; call or send them an e-mail for details. Meanwhile, the manufacturer representative contacted stated that the Accent products are to be marketed in San Antonio soon.

Accent Software International, P.O. Box 914, Exton, PA 19341-0906
Tel: (800) 535-5256; Fax: (800) 535-5257
CompuServe®: GO ACCENT and post a message in Accent’s Section (section 17).